For The Record

Issue 9 2014


Did you know that the IOC offers programmes for athletes that expand beyond your athletic career? Below are three different initiatives to help you achieve success now and after your sporting career has come to an end.


Believing that education is an important foundation for success beyond the end of a sports career, the IOC has developed the IOC Athlete Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), which will deliver free high-quality, engaging educational content to a worldwide athlete audience.

Content will be both formal and informal, and include courses providing athletes and their entourage with a general background on topics such as sport and education, sports science, coaching and management.

The promotional IOC Athlete MOOC platform was presented on 11 February at the Coaches and Entourage Night in Sochi and, so far, more than 1,000 athletes and coaches have already signed up!

The first series of short courses was launched on the 31 March 2014 with a focus on:

Smarter Eating For Better Performance
Athlete Career Transition Planning
How Champions Are Made

All our courses are open to everyone and free of charge. They have been designed to be easy for you to follow at any time, and wherever in the world you may be. So stay tuned!

For more information or to register, click here:


To maximise your training, you may have used a journal, scrapbook or other various types of documents on your computer to help track and reflect on your efforts. The performance management tool offers athletes a variety of opportunities to accelerate learning and enhance performance on and off the field of play. The Tool has been developed independently of the IOC and allows athletes and coaches to create “sportsbooks”, where you can compile all images, videos and details on training and performance and then easily use this information to help you perform better. This tool will allow you to have all of the information you use to track your training in one location. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to capture and copy anything you find online to be added to your book. You can then even share this unique book you have created with your coach and teammates.

Olympians can sign up for a free lifetime account for the Performance Management Tool. Click here for additional information.


Were you in Sochi? Did you pick up a pair of cool blue smartphone gloves?! The gloves were given out to help promote the IOC Athlete Career Programme (IOC ACP), a support system in place for Olympians to ensure you achieve the same level of success off the field of play as you have as an Olympian.

If you were in Sochi you may have already seen the Athletes’ Kit on your Samsung GALAXY Note 3 mobile device or maybe on a tablet at the IOC Spaces in the Dining Halls. The IOC ACP has developed the Athletes’ Kit which provides resources and tips focused on education, life skills and employment to athletes as they transition out of their athletic career. This information has been divided into a series of downloadable .pdf documents so you can refer back to these whenever you want, even while on the road! Check out the Athletes’ Kit here.

In addition, 32 National Olympic Committees have their own Athlete Career Programmes providing you with a closer level of support. Click here to see the list of participating NOCs and your contact point at each. If your country doesn’t have a programme in place, contact to find out more information on Outreach Programmes.

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