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Issue 8 2014


Part of the Team

The 10 Worldwide Olympic Partners will be offering vital support to both the organisers and athletes at the Sochi 2014 Winter Games, providing a variety of goods and services that will help make the Games a success. Here is a sample of what they’re doing to make your Olympic experience the best it can possibly be!


Great moments in sports history, like the ones you are creating right now, have inspired action and change in people’s lives. The day Coca-Cola understood your capacity to inspire millions of people was the day we decided to sponsor the Olympic Games — we're honoured to be a part of your journey. Don’t forget to stay hydrated at these Games with our wide range of products available throughout the Olympic Villages. Cheers to you and your incredible achievements!


Ever wonder how all the athletes get their accreditations? Atos’ Games Management System is responsible for all the accreditations they wear around their neck. Also, its new internet application, myInfo+, gives athletes access to important Games information such as schedules, transport news and sports records.


Dow's science-based innovations will play a key role in enabling athletes to perform at their best: Dow's material can be found in all venues of the Coastal Cluster and at two of the five Mountain Cluster venues.
Dow has also helped mitigate the entire carbon footprint associated with hosting and delivery of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, a first in Olympic history!


GE will provide health and wellness services during Sochi 2014. Their focus on providing advanced care will allow participants to benefit from a full suite of diagnostic imaging products, ensuring that the world's best athletes receive best-in-class care during the Olympic Games.


All athletes are able to enjoy McDonald's food during the Games, with Sochi set to mark the company's 10th consecutive Games as the Official Restaurant. McDonald's has built two new 24-hour restaurants in Sochi, especially for the Games - one in the Coastal Cluster Olympic Village and one in the Main Media Centre.
McDonald's also launched its "Sochi Cheer Campaign": go to the McDonald’s Cheer display in the Coastal Village Plaza and get cheers from your fans from all around the world.


In Sochi, Omega will measure more than 650,000 times, distances and scores, using 230 tonnes of timekeeping, scoring and data-handling equipment. Omega timekeeping technology will also play in a key role in the Olympic speed skating events, where results are determined to the nearest thousandth of a second by a photo-beam located on the surface of the ice at the finish line.


Panasonic will continue to 'share the passion' of the Games with people all over the world by supporting the broadcast recording of all Olympic competitions and events with the latest P2HD broadcast equipment. Panasonic is also installing more than 9,000 Panasonic surveillance cameras at the Olympic venues and infrastructure facilities in Sochi to ensure the safety of athletes.

Procter & Gamble

At the Games, P&G will host athletes and their families in the P&G Family Home. Salon services, family rooms, entertainment and special events will all be part of this ‘home away from home’, where families will also be able to watch their athlete compete, get makeovers before big media moments, and celebrate victories together.


For the first time in Olympic Games history, Samsung and the IOC have joined forces to provide the official Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3) to all Sochi 2014 athletes. Samsung’s innovative Wireless Olympic Works (WOW) mobile platform will also ensure that athletes – and every other member of the Olympic family – will be provided with important real-time Games data and information.


Visa implements and manages the payment system infrastructure and network throughout all Olympic venues. During Sochi, Visa will provide more than 1,500 contactless enabled point-of-sale devices in merchant locations in Olympic Games venues as well as 16 ATMs within the Games footprint.
Check out Visa’s innovative promotion in the lead-up to Sochi.

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