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Issue 8 2014



Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) are revolutionising the way we learn. In Sochi, the IOC is celebrating the launch of the IOC Athlete MOOC – a new online platform giving athletes the opportunity to learn from the best sporting minds in the world, anytime, anywhere.
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Featuring short courses covering subjects from Sports Coaching and Sports Science through to Sports Technology and Leadership, the IOC Athlete MOOC brings together the expertise of the world’s leading universities, Olympic champions, top coaches and entourage, and inspirational leaders from sport and business.

Imagine top athletes sharing technique insights as part of a short course on long-term athlete development, or Olympic Gold medallists discussing their approach to diet as part of a course on performance. Bridging the gap between academic study and practical insights, the IOC Athlete MOOC brings together a complete package of inspirational educational content online for everyone to access free of charge.

A new topic will be launched each month, featuring lectures from leading universities, video insights from sporting leaders, discussion forums supported by top academics, reading material, quizzes and live online events delivered by the best sporting and business leaders.

Athletes can choose what to study and how to study; some may choose to follow a whole course, others just one element. The goal is to help athletes in both the short-term and long-term. A three-minute film on performing under pressure may help one athlete succeed in the field of play, and lead another towards a career in sports psychology through a degree with one of the universities. The benefits are, like the courses, wide-ranging.

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The IOC is also launching an athlete performance management software tool for all athletes competing in Sochi. The Performance Management Tool helps athletes gain a greater knowledge base of their sport to drive performance. The tool enables all types of information: video, audio, images, and notes to be captured, organised and shared. This will enable important moments and lessons to be stored, shared with the athletes’ entourage and continuously built upon.

Users can also take advantage of the free image search feature offered by Captured in cooperation with Getty Images, to download pictures of themselves competing at the Games.

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