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Issue 7 2013

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The Warm-up

A message from Claudia Bokel, IOC Athletes’ Commission Chair

Welcome to the final edition of For the Record for 2013.

It has been a very eventful year for both the IOC Athletes’ Commission and the Olympic Movement as a whole.

Perhaps most significantly, the IOC elected a new President in September following the end of President Rogge’s tenure. I look forward to working with President Bach, also an Olympic athlete, over the coming years to continue the hard work of President Rogge and to ensure that athletes remain at the heart of the Olympic Movement.

President Bach was one of the first members of the IOC Athletes’ Commission when it was created in 1981 in Baden-Baden. He is an Olympic champion and he has successfully managed a dual career.

Overall, he is a great role model for us as athletes and it is nice to know that the IOC President is still "one of us."

Looking back at 2013 as a whole, I am very proud of what we achieved in Singapore with the IOC Athletes’ Forum. At the time, President Rogge said that it was the best Athletes’ Forum ever, so we should be very happy about that. It’s not an easy task to implement all the recommendations, but we are working hard on it and have had some very good, open discussions about how we can improve things.

Now, we must ensure that we continue to communicate with Athletes’ Commissions all over the world. Having these commissions in place in International Federations and National Olympic Committees will give us a major boost when addressing athletes’ issues in the future.

Over the last year, we have also seen the review of the WADA Code. Although the new Code will not be implemented until 2015, a major change includes the punishment for athletes caught doping which will increase from a two-year ban to a four-year ban. This is a major achievement and something that we, as athletes, have been seeking for a long time – as far back as the Athletes’ Forum three years ago.

If you have any questions about the new Code or would like to speak to a member of the IOC Athletes’ Commission about any other issue, please do not hesitate to send us an email at We really value your input and are always eager to hear your views on the issues affecting athletes. This is, after all, your Commission!

I very much look forward to seeing many of you in Sochi and wish you well in your preparations.

With my best wishes,


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