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Issue 7 2013


The Olympic Athletes’ Hub App

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The IOC has just launched a mobile application dedicated to Olympians and their fans!

Featuring over 5,000 Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Olympian profiles, the Athletes’ Hub enables you to search by Athlete, Team, Sport and Games.

Olympians also get extra features! Olympians can message the IOC at any time can directly message other Olympians through the app.

We have built this app to better connect with you and for you to better connect with us. It’s a fantastic way to stay in touch and for you to get more followers. The more Olympians fans follow, the more points they get as they compete for first place in a global leader board.

You can download the app here:
Olympic Athletes’ Hub app for Android and iPhone.

Instagram view:

Olympian News Feed shows what Olympians are sharing in realtime:

Contact the IOC:

Find out more about the app.

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