For The Record

Issue 15 2015


As athletes progress through their careers, they may face issues with match-fixing and illegal betting. These two issues are not only common, but can also test the integrity of an athlete and cause many issues within sport.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is devoted to keeping sport fair for everyone involved. The IOC has developed educational tools and resources for athletes and coaches to learn more about corruption in sport, illegal betting, and competition-fixing. They also provide tips for safeguarding the integrity of sport and help athletes and coaches handle these situations in real life.

As part of the Learn & Share Programme at the Youth Olympic Games (YOG), athletes and coaches can experience some of these educational resources first hand. Check out some of these resources and hear a personal story related to match-fixing in the video below with Italian football player, Simone Farina. Simone Farina takes us through a story from his personal life where he was approached by someone he thought was a friend, who later asked him to lose a match. We learn what steps Farina took to handle the situation and what the outcome was, not only for these individuals, but also for him and his family.

This personal story highlights steps that all athletes can take if they find themselves in similar situations. Athletes should always be aware of these fair play issues and work hard to keep the integrity of their sport intact.

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The Compete, Learn & Share platform is an educational resource for young, competitive athletes and coaches interested in improving their performance. This platform is an extension of the YOG as a way to continue to spread the spirit of the Games. The website contains information within the five Themes of the YOG. You can find articles, videos, links, and more related to Olympism, Athlete’s Career, Well Being & Healthy Living, Social Responsibility, and Expression. Check it out at!

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