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Issue 14 2015


Brazil has not historically been known for its achievements in archery. In 2014, that changed.

Out of the country’s new development programme for Rio 2016 came young archer Marcus D’Almeida. Today, at only 16 and following his first season competing at international level, the young Brazilian has already enjoyed unprecedented success!

Marcus can boast of a silver medal from the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Nanjing, last summer. He shortly followed this win with another silver medal, this time at the 2014 Archery World Cup Final, the culmination of the sport’s annual competition calendar, making him not only the youngest archer to ever receive an invitation to this senior competition, but also to climb the podium.

“I’m not different; we all have the same chances of winning”, said the humble Carioca.

The young sportsman can seem quiet in competition, masking any nerves he might be feeling. But his technique, demeanour and precision have allowed him to continue to develop his skills and he is improving with every shot. Archery is lucky to find this young talent, but how did he find archery?

“My parents always told me to practise a sport. I took their advice and now I think I’m on the right track”, reveals Marcus with a wink.

The Brazilian moved at the age of 14 to the national training centre. After only two years in the sport, Marcus had the honour of leading his delegation, with the Brazilian flag in hand, into the Olympic Stadium during the Opening Ceremony of the Nanjing 2014 YOG.

“I had said to my coach on the journey to China: imagine if I carry the flag of Brazil, and I did! It was an important moment in my life. As an athlete, I always want to make my country proud.”

And he has been making his country proud ever since.

Following this year of incredible successes, Marcus has won the attention of his country. He was invited to meet Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff, so that she could congratulate the young man in person for his sporting accomplishments. He has also caught the attention of his nation’s media, as they pin high hopes on Marcus ahead of next summer’s Olympic Games in Rio. Becoming Brazil’s first Archery World Cup Final medallist, headlines read: “Medal hope for 2016”, “revelation” and “history maker”!

Remaining level-headed, Marcus says: “I like the media talking about me, about archery. It’s good that Brazil is getting some knowledge of our sport and of how we are preparing for Rio 2016.”

Marcus D’Almeida: An athlete to watch at Rio 2016.

Check out Marcus at the Olympic YouTube Channel here

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