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Issue 13 2015

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The Warm-Up

A message from Claudia Bokel, IOC Athletes’ Commission Chair

Happy New Year!

As your representatives, we, at the IOC Athletes’ Commission, have already been active at the beginning of the New Year. We were excited to recently attend the 2nd Asian Athletes' Forum in Kuwait, where we highlighted the importance of having effective athletes’ commissions as well as the necessity of the right athletes’ entourage. Importantly also, we explained to representatives there about the upcoming candidature phase for the IOC Athletes’ Commission.

During the Rio 2016 Games, the “torch” will be passed on to four new members. Excitingly, 2016 marks the start of a new phase for a new Chair of the IOC Athletes’ Commission and we are looking forward to sharing the updated election procedure with you in the coming months.

This year has its own specific milestones for athletes. In May, the IOC, in partnership with Adecco, will organise the 7th IOC Athlete Career Programme Forum in Lima, Peru. During the Forum, members of the IOC Athletes’ Commission responsible for the IOC Athlete Career Programme in the specific regions will interact with National Olympic Committees and Adecco representatives to share best practices on methods of how to best support athletes in their dual career. In October, we are organising the IOC International Athletes’ Forum here in Lausanne. It is a chance for all representatives from athletes’ commissions from International Federations, Continental Associations, IPC and WADA to come together to set our agenda for the upcoming two years.

This year will also be very interesting as we start the implementation of the recommendations from Olympic Agenda 2020, which put athletes at the heart of the Olympic Movement. A key outcome that will be sought in the coming months is the creation of a “One-Stop-Shop” for you. This space will allow you to give and receive information on important issues while engaging you with fellow athletes. To help us make this space somewhere you benefit from, do take a few moments to complete a survey which also allows you to win an Olympic branded Swatch watch.

The information that you provide in this Athlete Engagement Survey will be used to help develop this fun and exciting new platform. While you’re online, log on to the IOC Athlete MOOC and browse through the videos on the new course: “From Athlete to Coach”. Athletes want and need to share their experiences and knowledge with younger generations, but not all of us know how. The new course gives you some practical methods on how to do this.

Please also remember that you can contact us at any time by emailing us at We are here to represent you, so please get in touch if you have any issues you want to highlight, or if you have any questions to ask.

With my best wishes,


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