For The Record

Issue 13 2015


In our most recent live event, we hosted Olympic modern pentathlon silver medallist and reigning world champion Samantha Murray. Samantha spoke to Sports Media course leader Professor Andy Miah about how she has dealt with the increased media attention since her success at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The event also featured exclusive insight from Head of Sport for Twitter UK Alex Trickett. Alex shared with us the top five tips he gives to teams and athletes using Twitter, with a useful acronym of be BRAVE to help you remember it!

Social Media Best Practices

Break News - people expect news to break first on Twitter, so where you have news to break, own that story - and all the mentions and retweets - or someone else will

Rich Media - embed photos and videos into your Tweets to enhance your story - there is usualy a 50% uplift in retweets for Tweets with pictures

Amplify yourself - start conversations with other high-profile @handles; join in on popular hashtags

Value Others - this might be at competitions or just hearing what other people have to say on Twitter and asking for their input

Exclusive Access - where you go, so goes your Twitter account. Give people access to stuff they woudn't otherwise see

At the end of the event, Andy asked Samantha what’s next for her sporting career. Her response was that her main focus is getting to Rio, but she also wants to take the opportunity to raise her profile and the sport of modern pentathlon. We wish Samantha all the best for her future sporting endeavours!

If you would like to watch some highlights clips taken from the live event, please click the link below, which will take you to the IOC Athlete MOOC platform.

Take me to the live event clips!

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