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Issue 12 2014


Athletes often face tough decisions when it comes to balancing their priorities, such as their sporting path, their career after sport and their family. They need to make sacrifices and choose between sport, education and work. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has recognised that supporting athletes in this regard is very important.

For this reason, in 2005 it launched the IOC Athlete Career Programme (ACP), which is a global programme delivered in cooperation with Adecco. It is a programme of the IOC Athletes’ Commission, and came out of a recommendation from the International Athletes’ Forum in 2003. The Programme serves to support athletes while they prepare for and go through their career transition. It provides resources and training to develop life skills and maximise their education and employment opportunities.

The IOC ACP recently caught up with Morgan Tracey, who is part of Team USA’s bobsled and skeleton team. She has been part of the ACP programme since 2010, and is currently training hard at the Lake Placid Olympic Training Centre, whilst also working with General Electric (GE) as a legal assistant.

GE, one of the IOC’s TOP sponsors, has extended its support to athletes by giving employment opportunities to athletes. These positions allow athletes to train and work, and fund their careers, all whilst keeping training and competition at the centre of their flexible schedules.

“The best thing about working for GE and the ACP is that I can work it around my training.”

“I was looking for the ACP not only to give me the ability to put training first, but also to make sure that I was still using the three years that I had spent in law school.”

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