For The Record

Issue 12 2014


The Japanese Olympic Committee's Athletes’ Entourage Committee was created on 25 June 2013.

Earlier in 2013 a group of Japanese judo athletes reported that they had been subject to violence within their sport. This complaint was the catalyst for the creation of an Entourage Committee within the Japanese Olympic Committee. In a recent visit to the IOC, Yuko Arakida, Chair of JOC Athlete Committee and Vice-Chair of the JOC Entourage Committee, explained that although the Athletes’ Entourage Committee was only established last year, it is one of the most important methods to improve the intangible legacies for the Olympic Movement.

Arakida described the mission of the Athletes’ Entourage Committee as having four key pillars:


Providing the best environment for the athlete;


Promoting health and social development, and protecting ethics;


Encouraging cooperation of all people concerned with supporting the athlete and assisting with communication;


Providing education and training of all people concerned with supporting an athlete.

On 18 February 2015, the JOC Athletes’ Entourage Committee will be hosting its first event, an Entourage Symposium, at the AJINOMOTO National Training Centre in Japan. The conference theme is centered on violence in sport.

We would like to congratulate the JOC on this important initiative for its athletes.

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