For The Record

Issue 11 2014


As part of our initiative to demonstrate the benefits of participating in the IOC Athlete Career Programme we’re sharing the experiences of fellow Olympians.

In this edition of For the Record we have the chance to meet New Zealand rower and London 2012 bronze medallist, Storm Uru.

After competing in his first Olympic Games in Beijing, Storm wanted to be pro-active in beginning to plan for a life off the water and reached out to the New Zealand Olympic Committee’s Athlete Career Programme. Storm received guidance and advice which led him to attend Oxford University to pursue of a Masters of Business Administration degree while still training and competing at a high level. While studying for an advanced degree at a prestigious university and competing can certainly be a difficult challenge, Storm thrives in this balance working to complete his degree with the same tenacity he puts towards rowing.

Many Olympic athletes are forced to deal with their transition to a life after sport very suddenly due to retirement or injury.

By pro-actively beginning to plan for your life off the pitch, you will be in a much better position to achieve professional and personal success whenever that time for retirement arrives.

The IOC Athlete Career Programme has been set up to support Olympic athletes before, during and after this transition by providing online resources such as the Athletes’ Kit to help you navigate this phase in your life. In addition, over thirty NOCs have their own Athlete Career Programmes in place to provide additional services. Check here to see if your NOC has an ACP in place. If your NOC does not have its own ACP, the IOC ACP has its Outreach Programme available designed to provide instructional workshops to elite athletes on career transition.

Learn more at the Athletes' Space.

Watch Storm Uru's Incredible Journey from the Olympics to Oxford

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