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Issue 11 2014


We are pleased to bring you the next instalment
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Live Web Event Recording Now Available!

In this month’s course ‘Competing with Integrity’, Dr Daryl Adair and his colleagues explore two fascinating, yet controversial issues associated with sporting competition - Doping and Competition fixing.

Doping and Competition-fixing have the potential to destroy your sporting legacy. Just how far would you go to win?

During this exclusive live web event BBC Sport’s Sonja McLaughlan and course leader Dr Daryl Adair talked to Olympic champion Beckie Scott and Italian football player Simone Farina about these two controversial sporting issues. Hear how their courage, conviction and honesty helped safeguard their own integrity and that of their sport.

If you missed the event or if you would like to re-watch it, watch the recording of Live Web Event with Beckie Scott and Simone Farina now!

New course ‘Competing with Integrity’

This fascinating course explores how the choices you make now can define your sporting legacy.

Four-time Olympic medallist Ato Boldon explains why the choices you make now define your short-term and long-term reputation as an athlete. He explains why competing with integrity was central to his motivation as an athlete.

Watch it now!

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Certificates of Achievement

Don’t forget that you can now request a certificate of achievement if you earn a Gold award in any course on the IOC Athlete MOOC. Here are just some of the photos people have sent in of themselves with their certificates.

Already achieved Gold in a course?

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