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Issue 10 2014


The International Olympic Committee is committed to ensuring that sports activities can be pursued by people of all ages, whatever their social or economic circumstances.

The IOC Sport for All Commission Toolkit gives guidance, knowledge and the tools needed to improve existing Sport for All programmes worldwide, as well as to create new ones. The Toolkit showcases best practice examples, and below we have highlighted one inspiring programme that is active in the USA.

“The purpose of the GoGirlGo! programme is to build healthy, active and confident girls. Our programme gives girls the confidence they need to become the next generation of healthy and successful leaders.”
Kathryn Olson, CEO, Women’s Sports Foundation

The Women’s Sport Foundation created GoGirlGo! in 2001 in direct response to the epidemic of childhood obesity. It is a sports-based leadership curriculum that serves as an educational intervention, and supports girls' health and wellness in childhood and early womanhood.

GoGirlGo!’s unique, free education programme, available in multiple age-appropriate versions, uses the personal experiences of champion athletes and celebrities to educate girls about health-risk behaviours and life lessons relating to the girl and her place in the world.

In addition to organisations that have received grants, thousands of community organisations have received the GoGirlGo!’s curriculum kit free of charge. To date, this multi-level programme support has helped nearly 14,000 schools and organisations to deliver the programme to almost one million girls.

“GoGirlGo is an amazing program for young female athletes.”

“I am proud to have been part of the program for over a decade and have seen firsthand how the GoGirlGo curriculum has changed lives in profoundly meaningful ways. The positive evolution of self and measurable increased self-esteem are some of the many benefits associated with this great program the Women's Sports Foundation has created.”

Angela Ruggiero, IOC Athlete Commission, WSF President and Olympic Gold Medallist

This programme is available nationwide in the United States of America.

Make sure you check out the Sport for All Toolkit to see more best-practice programmes.

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