For The Record

Issue 10 2014


We all know how quickly time passes; and before we know it, it’s time for your next big competition, your next exam or a deadline at work.

As an Olympic athlete, you know you need to prepare well to succeed in the sports arena, and life after competitive sport is no different. Finding a balance between the two can often feel as if you are sacrificing one for the other; but in fact, many athletes have found balance to be the key ingredient in their sporting success.

We all know some training days will be great and some days you would rather forget, so having a passion or interest outside sport can give you a different focus, and an escape, from your training. This allows you to put your energy and thoughts into other areas, so when you return to the next training session you will have a fresh mind and renewed enthusiasm.

The IOC Athlete Career Programme (IOC ACP) has been set up to support you during and after your sporting career. The IOC ACP was created in 2005, in cooperation with Adecco, as an initiative of the IOC Athletes’ Commission, and focuses on education, life skills and employment. The Programme is designed to help you balance multiple demands while you are competing; determine your passions outside sport; and find out how to transfer what you have learned as an athlete into life after competition.

Be sure to visit the Athletes’ Kit hosted on the Athletes’ Space of for a full collection of resources on these topics. You can download the pdf documents, so you can read them anytime, anywhere!


Alex Baumann is an example of an Olympian who found this balance and thrives having it in his life. Alex, a silver medallist in the two-man bobsled for Switzerland during the Sochi Olympic Winter Games, has been balancing his sporting career with a demanding job in food sciences.

By working with the Swiss Olympic Athlete Career Programme, Alex was able to find a part-time internship while training full-time following the completion of his master’s degree in food microbiology. The internship has since led to a job at a renowned Swiss confectionery company. Alex now balances the demands of his job while training for his next bobsled season, but finds many benefits having these two parallel lives.

Watch Alex’s story below to learn more and be inspired!

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